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How much calcium do I need daily?

Discovering how much calcium you need daily is vital for strong bones and overall well-being. In this short guide, we'll explore your recommended daily calcium intake, factors influencing your requirements, and the best dietary sources to meet this essential mineral's needs.

Understanding your daily calcium requirement is crucial for maintaining strong bones and overall health.

  • For women aged 50 and younger, the minimum daily recommended calcium intake is 1,000 milligrams (mg), while women over 50 should aim for 1,200 mg.

  • Interestingly, recommended calcium intakes vary across countries, with the World Health Organization advising 500 mg per day and the United Kingdom setting the goal at 700 mg.

  • The ideal calcium intake for adults remains a topic of debate. Some experts argue that exercise and addressing vitamin D deficiency are more critical for bone health than high calcium intake.

  • Recent studies even question the effectiveness of calcium and vitamin D supplements in preventing fractures.

To meet your calcium needs, and for the general population, consuming at least 700-800 mg daily is thought to be considered sufficient. However, personalized recommendations should be made in consultation with your healthcare provider, taking into account your unique health factors.


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