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Invest in your employees' health and happiness with optimal nutrition.

Support your employees in making sustainable lifestyle changes through the way they eat with the help of Youniq. Improve immunity or heart health, increase energy and mental clarity, or reduce stress. 

Make a small change, witness a big impact.

Bring Youniq to your business

Different needs, one solution.

Our program is suited for anyone striving to achieve their health goals, enhance their wellbeing, or manage their health conditions.

We tackle the root of health problems through our food as medicine approach, improving employee performance, both in their personal and work life. Our system is 100% actionable and immediate. The meals we recommend can be delivered to your employees' doorstep, saving time and effort.

What does Youniq for business include?


We offer an online seminar for all employees to explain how Youniq works, as well as a food education session by one of our nutrition professionals.

Online meeting with a dietitian

Each employee will have a dietitian available with whom they will have their first online nutrition consultation. This consultation with the dietitian will allow Youniq to better understand each of your employees.

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Powerful algorithm 

Our algorithm understands the needs of each employee and will offer +2,000 recipes that are actionable and personalized to them. They will receive the right foods at their doorstep and learn how to track habits to make long-lasting change.

Reporting and analytics

By collecting user data, we provide actionable insights into employee health outcomes. Administrators can obtain extensive reports that inform wellness program adjustments to ensure organizations can meet their wellness goals.

The impact of healthy employee habits in companies:


of employees consider health and wellness offerings when choosing employers


are on sick leave



is the average ROI of wellness healthcare costs for every dollar spent


companies that provide benefits better retain their most valuable employees


more likely to demonstrate poor productivity at work because of an unhealthy diet


workers appreciate benefits and believe that they are key to their job satisfaction

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