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We deliver on the promise of food as medicine

Our personalized nutrition approach is for everybody. We focus on preventive health, mental health, metabolic syndrome, healthy pregnancies, diabetes, hypertension, weight gain and obesity, coronary heart disease, asthma, COPD, kidney disease, and more.

Want to implement Youniq in your healthcare system?

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Our nutrition program helps prioritize patient wellbeing before and after hospitalization

Nutritional deficiency can lead to higher readmission rates, functional deterioration, delayed wound healing, and lower quality of lif​e. 

Improve patient outcomes and reduce the risk of readmissions, to cut costs for health systems and insurance companies.

We address the root cause of nutritional deficiencies to help patients maintain a healthy diet and improve their overall health.

Let's work together to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs through better nutrition.

Our program includes:

nutritional assessment
Nutritional assessment, personalized program
weekly grocery delivery
Weekly grocery delivery from Instacart
personalized coaching
24 hr personalized nutrition coaching

The results

Lower healthcare spending and improved health outcomes

Support that addresses social determinants of health and improves health equity

Minimized care gaps with our tests and improved quality measures

Strengthened member retention and satisfaction

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We are currently working with Sharp Hospital system to implement Youniq on patients with Type-2 Diabetes. 
Our aim is to demonstrate the impact that actionable precision nutrition has on out-patient programs in regards to patient recovery, reduction in A1C levels, and re-hospitalization costs.

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