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  • What is Youniq?
    Youniq is a precision nutrition app which helps you achieve your health-related goals by providing personalized recipes that you can cook in under 20 minutes. We deliver the ingredients right to your doorstep and provide detailed information about why each ingredient will support you in achieving your goals. We also harness the power of AI to generate meal ideas based on the ingredients available in your kitchen. Every meal has a Youniq score is a score that is given to each recipe that is recommended to you. It takes into account your selected main goal, secondary goal, taste preferences, and overall health. Each recipe will score differently for individuals as their health data, goals, and preferences differ. For example, someone who is calcium deficient will likely receive a higher score for a calcium rich meal than someone who is not calcium deficient. The more information you share with us, the more precise we can be in recommending recipes.
  • What is precision nutrition?
    Precision nutrition is a personalized approach to dietary recommendations that considers an individual's unique characteristics, goals, and health conditions. By analyzing factors such as body composition, metabolism, and lifestyle, it provides tailored guidance on macronutrients, meal timing, and food choices to optimize health outcomes and meet individual needs.
  • Where is Youniq available?
    Youniq is available globally, however our meal delivery feature and at-home testing services only work in the United States. The meal delivery feature particularly works wherever there are Sprouts supermarkets within delivery range. The good news is that you can still build a shopping list using our shopping list feature and buy ingredients at your local supermarkets.
  • Can I use Youniq for the meal recommendations and insights and shop for my own groceries?
    Yes, you can utilize the platform however works best for you. Premium members will have the possibility to download a shopping list to make grocery store trips more convenient and meal plans easy to follow. All of Youniq’s features provide value to individuals looking to make changes to their health and ultimately, you can choose how you want to use the app – either talk to a dietitian, learn about your health condition, discover new recipes, have ingredients delivered to your door, or use all of the features together.
  • Are ingredients purchased through Youniq organic?
    Sprouts, or supermarket chain partner is the main organic container in the United States and therefore, the majority of items are organic. You do, though, have the option of purchasing items that are not organic. We allow the user to make that decision for themself.
  • How many servings do Youniq recipes make?
    Youniq recipes default to two servings so that you can either make a meal for yourself and a loved one or use it as a way to meal prep. This helps you optimize your cooking time and reduce your cost per meal. Furthermore, serving sizes can be adjusted to a higher number to accommodate the number of servings you want to make, whether you are feeding yourself for the week or preparing a meal for a full house.
  • Do I need health insurance?
    No, you do not need to provide health insurance to use Youniq.
  • How do you handle my information?
    We are HIPPA compliant and follow strict standards to secure the privacy of your medical data. Furthermore, you can delete the information from the app whenever you want.
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